Monday, October 22, 2012

Statism In Its Current Form Will Not Survive Generation Y

Ignoring the ill-effects of misbegotten government entitlement policy, and how the ensuing austerity will certainly kill the public's faith in socialism; there is one other reason why statism will not survive in its current form. Obama and the democrats have noticed a growing trend in this country, that trend being, as Joe Kotkin dubs them, the growth of the single nation.  Singles have overwhelmingly bought the narrative by Obama and the democrats for a variety of reasons. None the least of which is that an entitlement society allows member of my generation to prolong adolescence.  However, as Joe Kotkin points out, more and more married couples are starting to move towards the other side of the isle. It makes sense on the surface since those of us with progeny care about what happens to America 20 and 40 years down the road, at least in theory.

Now of course the republicans are only a smidgen better than the democrats, and by smidgen I mean that the forces of freedom have established Dunkirk style beach heads from which to argue the cause of freedom and fiscal responsibility in a party that is almost as left as the democrats themselves. However, arguments about fiscal responsibility, traditional American values and worth ethic, and a long term view of the world will most certainly appeal to those with families.

So while the democrats celebrate their growing political clout, as can be seen by the gradual bluing of the electorate, my state was solidly republican less than 20 years ago and now is solidly blue today, those victories will most likely be pyrrhic.  Both in the sense that the democratic party is mortgaging future votes for votes today, and in the sense that the coming generations after us, who will not even have the false promises of an entitlement state that we enjoy today, will solidly reject the democratic party, and perhaps overwhelm the statists in the republican party and turn our little citadels into full style Normandy beach heads of freedom.


  1. That's the problem with socialism/communism. It can't work, it's not feasible.

    After some time people eventually are forced to realize it. However the real question is at the point at which the people realize it, will they have the gumption to go back to the system of freedom once known in America or will they be too soft and merely go for the easiest way out?

    America is unique in it's "system" being one of the only nations on earth with a free people who are able to chose for themselves and are not subjects of the monarchy/government.

    Because this status is so uncommon in the world it causes me to wonder about the question above. Essentially will Americans become lazy and non-interested.

    1. I won't lie, it causes me some concern as well. We are far softer today than we were even 60 years ago, never mind in 1776. I see the riots in Greece and France over the slow realization that their entitlement state will be dismanelted; yet at this point are unwilling to fully admit that there are no other options. What gives me hope is that America isn't so far down the rabbit hole as in Europe. Somone like Ron Paul would have never recieved the coverage that he had in Europe. But then those are hopes and wishes, and as we know, hopes and wishes don't make things true. The next few years and coming decade will tell give us that question you point out.


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