Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fight Tyranny

Long story short, decorated vet faces 35 years due to NY magazine ban. He is not a rich newscaster so there is little chance that he will be let off like a certain David Gregory, and he does not have the funds to defend himself. His brother has instituted a gofundmepage and I have already donated what I can. If you cannot donate, then spread the word. This cannot stand!


  1. Hey, what are your thoughts on economic collapse? To me it seems soon and inevitably.

    1. I agree, how soon is too difficult to tell but I expect at least another major shock to hit before 2016 at the very lastest.

      It's funny you ask this since I was debating someone about efficacy of using government spending to foster GDP growth. I showed him a chart I made, where government spending was cut, and while GDP growth dropped, non government GDP actually grew. I plan on doing a post estimating how much I think GDP could drop in the future, but it is tough. We can reasonably guess how much government GDP will go away, but it's hard to figure out how much of our private GDP is truly private and how much is sustained by government largess.

      Franky,after doing some research last night, to do a quality article on this would require the work of multiple bloggers acting in concerte.


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