Wednesday, January 30, 2013

His Excellency: The Greatest American Ever

Tim's answer to question one made me chuckle, it was a good answer, that who governs least governs best. William Harrison certainly fit that description, but that, along with question number 4, made me think about my favorite president, who is my hero, and committed the most important act in American history.  It is easily the most important event in our history, yet it is not widely taught in our schools, it is not celebrated, and it occured before the Constitution was even signed. Incidently enough, the event occurs right next to Christmas, and I think it fitting, as it is the greatest gift we Americans have ever recieved.

Because on that day December 23, 1776, General George Washington Commander in Chief of the Continental Armies of America formally resigned his military commission and returned military power back to the continental congress. George Washington could have used his armies to claim a crown, and many of his soldiers wanted him to do just that, yet George Washington refused to do so. And in the tradition of the great Cincinnatus voluntarily gave up absolute power.

This act was so monumentous, and unheard of, that even King George expressed admiration for the man. It is just as impressive today as it was over 200 years ago. Did Castro return power to the people? Did Lenin. Did Mao? No they did not. In my mind, George Washington's act, is one of the very reasons why we did not suffer under a reign of terror, unlike revolutionary France, and it set the tone of our nation from the get go. How could any other man think of grabbing the reigns of power, when George Washington, known as His Excellency by his men, refused to do so?

For this reason, and this reason alone, George Washington is the only man ever to have deserved the presidency.  He is the only man that can honestly claim to have occupied the office without ever desiring power because his previous actions almost two decades ago when he refused power.  I have few men that I idolize, that I think of as heroes, who I can say that I love. George Washington is among those men.

Mr. Washington, is the greatest American ever.


  1. Its hard to argue with that. If we are going to add a third good president, then Grover "Veto" Cleveland is another good one.

  2. Yes! I wish Democrats would both to look in their history, because they would find President Cleveland.

  3. I have waffled on who is the greatest POTUS ever, but as I get older, I lean Washinton. He stepped down from personal power twice peacefully. He alo created the customs and norms that future rpesidents would follow.


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