Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bulgarian Government Collapses

Looks like the Bulgarian government has collapsed. This is interesting because much focus has been spent on Greece, Italy, Ireland and Spain as nations that would first leave the EU. Yet it seems that one of the most recent entrants, Bulgaria, is seeing catastrophic upheavals.

This affects the EU because of two potential reasons: Whatever government takes shape will undoubtedly request for aid, loan forgiveness, or some other sort of support from the wealthier EU nations like Germany. If no government can contain the unrest than a increase of armed violence will have to be dealt with by the EU. While most of the focus has been on the EU economically, one of the purposes was to foster political stability.  While the EU isn't a real supranational state in the way that the USSR or Yugoslavia was, it would be a major blow to the EU if Bulgaria devolved into civil violence.


  1. I think the EU has the same aspirations as the USSR, they wouldn't turn down the chance to control more.

    This is interesting though. Nobodies paid any attention to Bulgaria so it could easily be swept under the rug. It just depends on what happens next and how the people react to it. The louder the party the less the neighbors will be willing to tolerate.
    Though Bulgaria has plenty of problems, it fortunately doesn't have any ethnic matters to make things worse.

    1. I agree that the EU would like to be like the USSR, a supranational entity. However, unlike the USSRm where the largest and most powerful nation state (Russia) could enforce it's will and hold the Union together for a period of time, the EU doesn't have that. It has no standing military, and outside of the EU bureaucrats, there is no real support for the Union, in terms of it being a sovereign entity. National political leaders only support the Union as so much they think they derive political benefit. I fully expect the EU to dissolve.


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