Thursday, February 21, 2013

Damming Evidence

The times exposes some damming evidence about the police who mistakenly shot a woman and her granddaughter during the hunt for the rogue LAPD officer. The damming evidence wasn't that they, allegedly, didn't warn or give instructions to the woman. It is this:

Both women survived. Hernandez, shot in the back, was in good condition Friday. Her daughter suffered a hand injury and is physically fine but emotionally scarred, Jonas said.
She was shot in back. And as the photo shows, most of the shots hit the rear of the car, which makes the likely hood that she was approaching police is next to nill.  Shooting an individual in the back, even if you are an officer of the law, is a crime. In fact when officers do this it is a federal crime, I found this out from my uncle who is a sheriffs deputy, and it is pretty damming evidence of the officers. They should be charged with attempted homocide, or at the least, gross negligence, but they probably won't be.

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