Monday, February 11, 2013


Morning everyone. I went on a short trip for my grandparents 60th anniversary to Disneyland. I fully intended to blog and do some articles, but it ended up being a short hiatus. It was nice to get away from reading the news everyday, and getting away from the economic and social lunacy that passes for wisdom nowadays, but even then I couldn't escape 'red' pill moments. It's not something I talk about often, if ever, since there are hundreds of blogs dedicated to the subject, however, I am fully aware of the red pill and the manosphere.

 And I have to say, even in Disneyland I had one of those realizations, interestingly enough it was when I was riding Ariel's underwater adventure, and then realized that the little mermaid is a perfect allegory for today. I won't get any deeper since, a) I don't really like blogging on that type of subject matter, b) I think you guys will instantly understand what I mean, and c) if this is read by someone who is an expert on the matter, they will do a better job writing about it that I would.

Anyways, I'm back, I've been reading blogs during my time in California* and I plan to get my next instalment on the fall of the Republic with Marius, whose career marks the end of the senate as an effective governing body, the beginning of the civil war decades, and the mentor of the notable Julius Caesar.

*On a quick note. L.A is probably the city I like the least out of any city I have ever visited in the United States that hasn't utterly collapsed like Detroit. It's detroitification is painfully evident, and I expect that we will talk about Los Angeles the way we talk about Detroit in 20 years or so.


  1. They tell me detroits making a comeback. Though I've long figured out they've been saying that ever since it was destroyed.

    On principle I only visit the city once a year, for a car show that's happening in a few weeks.

    Its worse than people think. To people outside SE Michigan they just know detroits a hole. Around here though its a daily dose of stupidity with the city council they have. It's the dumb leading the blind.

    I also agree with you on california. I'll avoid it on principle too. Hopefully I'll never have a reason to go there.

    1. It's a shame because California used to be a near veritable paradise. There is no reason why California shouldn't be a great place to live, a GDP over a trillion, arguably the epicenter of American culture in regards to entertainment, and sunny most of the year. I can't rag on California in it's entirety, it's mainly San Francisco and L.A dragging them down.


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