Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Navy Cutting Back Carriers in the Gulf

The Navy has decided to have only one carrier patrolling the gulf. Ostensibly this is due to the threat of sequestration, however, if having two carriers in the Gulf was vital to American interests than the Navy would have found other areas of their budget to cut from to keep two carriers deployed in the region. What this says is that the Gulf isn't as important as we would like to believe, and my opinion is that the Navy has decided that the pacific is more important in regards to our national interest than the gulf. This isn't surprising at all considering that our government has gradually been focusing on China and the pacific, and we would have done it sooner if it were not for 9/11 bringing the mideast to the forefront of Americans.


  1. Of course man, China is the next enemy. The writing is on the wall.

  2. Added you to my blogroll. Fewer carriers in the gulf might be a signal to Israel that if they want to bomb Iran they will do it alone.


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