Monday, February 18, 2013

I've Always Hated the Lottery

Because it preys on the stupid. For every intelligent person, who wins that ends up using that money responsibly to better their lives, you will find dozens of low functioning individuals that blow through multiple lifetimes worth of winnings in a few years and end up worse than before (on the government dole of course). Many states outlaw private gambling facilities for that very reason (after all we must protect the ignorant masses from themselves), yet the state justifies it's own gambling system because it helps the children.


  1. It is interesting to see the results of this tax on the stupid.

    However it could very well be that lots of money, and alcohol give people the freedom to be who they really are.

    You may, or may not, be interested in reading Arthur Brook's the road to freedom. In the beginning he points out the stats to show that the people who earn some wealth are happier than those who win lots.

    1. I'll have to check that book out, I can see how it would work out that way.


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