Monday, February 25, 2013

Progressive Societies Are Not Really All That Liberal

Iceland has a pretty progressive society by all accounts yet they are planning a pretty illiberal law.  Color me unsurprised, progressive societies are terribly illiberal by virtue of the tenant equalism. You can't have a free society when everyone is supposed to be the same not only under the law, which is a tenant of real liberalism, but economically and socially as well. Because in a free society some individuals are going to do better than others and any attempt to try and erase this reality requires the dismantling of a free society.

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  1. The "race to the bottom" line that the left often uses is more appropriate when used to describe the only way people can all be equal. We can only all be equal to the worst among us.

    We should all take more note of the left's projecting.


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