Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rise Of The Flyover States

The flyover states, the Midwest, mountain rocky west, and the gulf coast, have long been an after thought for many Americans when it came to places to find work or establish ones self.  Sure places like Colorado were attractive if you were drawn to the sky bum lifestyle and Texas has always had a relatively large population and economy, they weren't the primary places individuals would choose to go.

Most Americans though about living in the west or east coasts, the retiring population made the southwest another popular destination, but that is beginning to change.  While States like Washington are economically performing pretty well, the real stars have been the very states most Americans wouldn't have looked. This is the result of Americas growing energy economy, America has the largest shale oil receives in the world, coupled with lower taxes, fewer regulations, and more family friendly environments, more Americans have elected to move to Austin or Oklahoma city rather than Boston or San Francisco.

Eventually this change, which I think may be a very real fundamental shift from the coasts to the interior states, will result in many changes to the political landscape.  This could signal a resurgence of American Midwest conservative values, or the eventual bluing of these currently productive states. In the short term, this is going to put major pressure on traditionally blue states as they need a large tax base to keep their system of governance going. Those ramifications will come later, but for now, individuals can enjoy the fact that they are stomping on the blue states right now economically.

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