Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Rewards of Progressivism: Kudokushi

Joel Kotkin writes about the growing trend amongst SWPL urbanites to forgo having children all together.  America has been atypical compared to much of the west insofar as demographic population growth.  While birthrates had dropped in America like everywhere else in the west the replacement rate has remained positive.  But as it stands now, outside of population migration into the cities, urban Americans are not having families, and they don't seem to mind.

Many of us how absolutely foolish the urban cohorts flippant attitude towards having families are. Demographic decline is not a pretty sight and many of these individuals who are eschewing children now will regret it in old age.  Japan, which in many ways has been the canary in the coal mine, is a perfect example of the most personal impacts of demographic decline.  And that is the every growing instance of individuals dying alone and their bodies being found days if not months later.  The Japanese call it Kudokushi, the lonely death, and it has been a growing issue in Japan.

So in the end, not only is progressivism demographically unsustainable, but their most ardent cohorts will find themselves personally betrayed by it in the end. You don't destroy the familial bond and not suffer unfortunate consequences, and for many those consequences mean Kudokushi.

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  1. I'm a man.

    I tried to get married to a good woman and have children.

    The good women weren't interested in me while I was fertile enough to have healthy kids.

    I can technically still make babies, but they would probably have birth defects because I'm too old.

    So to hell with it.

    If I'm going to die alone, I'm going to die alone. I have resolved to live according to my principles. That will probably include dying alone, just as I have lived most of my life alone. It will probably be painful. That is life.


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