Friday, April 12, 2013

If My Bank Pulled This Stupid Stunt

I would have opened a new account with another bank and explained exactly why I was closing my account with the bank in question. Some idiot or idiots at some Swiss Bank thought it would be a good idea to get on the social justice bandwagon and try to spread awareness about the 20% pay gap between the genders. This is stupid for two big reasons.

First and foremost a banks job isn't advancing social justice, it's to not lose your money. The fact that they didn't get short changed is irrelevant. A prank like this would make me lose confidence in my bank. Given the absolutely rock bottom confidence most individuals have with banks since the financial crisis you'd think that banks would be concerned with not losing potential depositors.  Apparently not.

Secondly, regardless on your opinions on the veracity of the pay gap claims the fact is that the guys the prank is being pulled on probably having nothing to do with it.  Yet simply because they happened to be born with a penis a joke like this is acceptable. Imagine the uproar if this were done to women or some other protected group? 

This is absolutely stupid and a sad reminder of how far the West has sunk.

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