Monday, June 10, 2013

Progressive Stupidity: Toy Gun Buy Back

Children, if you touch one of these, you
will turn into a criminal!
You have to read it to believe it. A principal, by the name of Charles Hill, doesn't like toy guns. He believes that they have an adverse effect on children, I assume he thinks those who play with toy guns are more prone to violence. So in a testament to ability administrators to waste time and energy, he has organized a toy gun buy back!

This sort of stupidity isn't surprising to me, and it probably isn't to any either millennial or younger X'er. I remember when my school banned games like red rover because they were 'too violent'. I remember when teachers were actively trying to get boys to play with barbies and girls with trucks, as the saying goes. I remember when our school our school banned neon ray gun style water guns due to a 'no tolerance' policy. I also remember using sticks as swords and guns and pine cones as grenades. But hey, these programs are to keep the children safe right?

This 'gun' buy back program only accomplishes one thing and one thing alone. It shows us that in the political ghetto of California, administrators will waste time with things other than actually educating the children.

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  1. OL! Actually, I think it could be very instructive. Bring in every old, cracked, cheap gun you can find and get a chance to win something far more valuable. That's pretty much the gun buyback program in a nutshell (except in that case you just get money upfront, in exchange for something far cheaper). Wonder if a gunshaped stick or twig counts? My boys always loved playing guns with twigs.

    Maybe some enterprising kids can make some guns out of paper, al foil, clay....


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