Monday, July 15, 2013

Bullshit Study Is Bullshit: Spanking Bad

Once again we see major media publish an article under a headline, meant to mislead the public, saying that physical punishment tied to health woes, yet the study itself states that there are no findings that proved that spanking is actually harmful to the long term health of a child.  The only reason this is being reported, it's not really news, is because someone wants to plant seed in someones head.  That seed being that parents should ask an authority figure, in this case a pediatrician, what is acceptable and not acceptable way to discipline your child rather than using their own judgement.

We've seen how well this has worked out in the case of education, whereby communities now have to defer to State and Federal authorities on how their children should be educated, and I am willing to put money on it that in 10 to 20 years time, if our current cultural trajectory isn't changed, that we will continue to see more nonsense like this.  Isn't it funny that sociologists, doctors, psychologists and so on and so forth focus on the 'potential' damage around spanking, yet are almost unwilling to talk about the extreme damage that slutting out causes to young women, or the demonizing of normal male behavior to young men, or the fact that their touchy feeling bullshit has done nothing to slow down the number of individuals reporting a mental illness of some sort.

What's even worse is I bet that public money was allocated to this entire waste of energy.

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  1. Yes indeed ask that pediatrician! His license at stake and subject to state approval, he's not going to tell you spanking is ever appropriate for any reason.

    However...chemical restraint is apparently grand by the look of things. Just drug those little monsters so you don't have to offer any real guidance about acceptable and unacceptable conduct until they're too old to be your problem and send them out into the world.


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