Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Never Let A Tragedy Go to Waste

Now, whether or not you consider Trayvons Martin being shot by George Zimmer, and found not guilty of second degree murder or manslaughter, a travesty is a matter of opinion; I for one was not surprised as I put 50/50 odds that Mr. Zimmer would be found guilty of manslaughter or not guilty and almost no chance for conviction on 2nd degree murder.  What you cannot fail to notice is that every time something happens that the political vultures begin to circle.

The Attorney General Holder is using this opportunity tragedy to call for more restrictions on a persons right to defend themselves in a public place; it should also be noted that laws regarding to stand your ground laws have only ever been a state issue.  Now Zimmerman's defense didn't try to cite stand your ground laws in his defense, I am no legal expert but my guess is that if they failed in the pre-trail hearing to get the case thrown out due to stand your ground then it would have made his defense more difficult. But that doesn't matter.

Opponents of stand your ground will cite how the jurors were instructed with language that borrows from the statute, and how the very existence of this law is the reason why a 'guitly' (of racism no doubt) man went free. I imagine that in the minds of those who fervently believe Zimmerman guilty and deserving of punishment will latch onto this idea that he would have never been found not guilty if stand your ground never existed.  I don't necessarily think that Holder thinks this way as I ascribe far more Machiavellian motives to him.  Gun control advocates will always advocate more restrictions on a persons defense gun control is needed regardless of the reason.

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  1. It was clear he should have got off, but to see it become a 'race war' even with obama in it, is a fucking joke


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