Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Man Denied Entry Into Lego Land Because He Isn't With A Child

In bizarre example that displays the absolutely ludicrous of progressive political correctness, and corporate stupidity, a 63 year old man was denied entry into Lego land because adults are not allowed into the amusement park unaccompanied by a child. Now, the adult nights not withstanding, the rule is pretty stupid considering that an an adult pedophile could get into the park if accompanied by a child but a normal adult cannot, because children you see. Moreover what about the park staff? Or how about the fact that 99% of adults aren't going to abuse a child?

I could rail about corporate stupidity in terms of this policy, and it is a very stupid policy, but let's be honest here. Corporations are reactive entities and this policy was put in place because they think, accurately in my opinion, that in the one off chance something bad happens between a child and a random adult stranger, they will be crucified by the public and preyed upon by the vultures that occupy political offices. The only reason such a policy exists is because we take the chicken littles and professional complainers seriously instead of telling them to shut up.  What I can fault Lego land for is cowardice.  If more businesses cared less about their personal image, which will always be held in low regard by simple virtue of their size and the nature of progressives, more about good, efficient and honest business, I know not likely to happen, the less we will see of this kind of nonsense.


  1. I was recently thinking about what being a teacher would be like. I concluded that being alone in a room full of underage girls could only end badly, and that's if I did nothing wrong.

  2. Hey man, are you still going to write about a post comparing the collapse of Rome to America, I am still looking forward to that.

    1. Fully plan on it. There is a post that I am working on that leads up to it that is mostly written but I haven't finished. At the moment I am swamped and I don't want to do a crappy job of it.


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