Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Most Movies Today Suck But Not All of Them

This week is a busy week for me, and while I won't be posting some posts that were in the docket or working on some charty goodness's, I cannot resist doing a small post this morning.  One thing I am sure everyone notices post red pill is how terrible movies are today, and I don't mean terrible sets, special effects or fighting choreography because we are in a veritable golden age for those, not only have studios shown that they have no vision by pumping out  mindless sequel after mindless sequel, -for god sakes do we really need a fast and furious 6?-, but there is also the fact that the movies are insufferably blue pill and push a progressive world view on the audience.  When I am coerced into going to the movies there are more than a few times I had to stifle a groan.

But this isn't a post just about complaining, it's a post asking for advice and offering recommendations. Not all movies made in the last 20 years are thinly veiled progressive propaganda or blue pill inspired garbage. Some are truly insightful pieces of are and, most importantly, some are simply great pieces of entertainment. What are some movies you have noticed that are, shall we say, red pill friendly, or at least not so blue pill as to make watching it utterly painful?  I have my own recommendation, a blast from many people's past.  The Mask of Zorro (Just so you know I was writing the title with the voice of Antonio Banderas in my head).

The Mask of Zorro, which was released in 1998 for you younger millennial like my brother who was 4 at the time, is a classically great movie that you just do not see made by Hollywood anymore. It doesn't take itself too seriously, nor is it ironically campy like so many other movies that deal with pop culture from 50+ years ago. I really do not have the time to do a detailed review, so I will put some points I noticed.

  • The Hero isn't insufferably blue pill. He is a man, a rapscallion even. More Han Solo than any character played by Michael Cera.
  • The love interest isn't a bitch.  In relation to my point above, in more recent movies if the main character is a rapscallion the girl always has to give him a rough time before coming to like him (The Japanese call this Tsundere). The love interest swoons for Zorro pretty much the first time she meets him. It's fantasy yes, but much more enjoyable than having a romance where the love interest is just a bitch the entire time, like in Kate & Leopold, and the final moment of connection is completely forced.
  • There isn't pandering girl powerness. How many movies now a day have a relatively pointless scenw showing how bad ass the love interest of the hero is, for example John Carter, simply to pander to the shrill harpies at Jezebel? I mean if the love interest were that much of a bad ass then why even have the hero in the first place? There is one seen where the love interest and Zorro duel, but it is little more than a set up to show Zorro's skill at (un)dressing lovely women with his blade.
  • It hearkens back to the old serial days.  There is plenty of violence and death in Zorro, but it isn't gritty or excessive which would be out of context for this sort of movie.  One problem many modern hero movies suffer from is forced grittiness. It works for Batman, it doesn't for Superman.
I could go on but suffice it to say that I found the movie enjoyable. If you haven't seen it, see it.

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