Monday, September 9, 2013

Outside of Syria: The Real Geopolitical Game

Bloggers, new caster and politicos are closely following the events in Syria as it looks like the event of US military action becomes more apparent. The likelihood of military action is becoming more certain now given that Russia is offering alternatives that would remove the 'we need to remove chemical weapons from Assad' cause being offered by the United States.  But in terms of the greatest game man has ever played, the great game refers to a series of geopolitical engagements between various powers in central Asia during the 19th century, Syria is secondary concern to the United States; the United States wouldn't be involved if it were not for Obama's political posturing. So while the majority of US media focuses on Syria, and our now inevitable military action.  The US and China continue to quietly duke it out in Pacific.

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  1. I am a bit surprised Syria was stalled. But hey, our carriers are that much closer to the real action now.


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